Alta Via 3 / About

The Alta Via 3 is one of 10 Alta Via’s in the Italian Dolomites.  It is also called the Alta Via dei Camosci, the way of the Chamois after the animals which inhabit these mountains. The route is a mixture of forested valley, alpines meadows and rocky mountains. On some of the more exposed  rocky stretches the route is proctected by wire cables and metal ladders which you can clip onto.

In total the route is  120 km and takes 8-10 days 10 Days. It starts at Villabassa in the Pusteria Valley and heads south ending in ends in Longarone in the Piave Valley. It is possible to extend the hike by a day and continue to Belluno. I hope to walk it from 4th September to 11/12 September and might continue from Langarone to Belluno if I have time

The route passes through the Dolomiti di Braies, Cristallo Mountain Group, Sorapiss Mountain Group, Pelmo Mountain Group and Bosconero mountain group of the Italian Dolomites.

The route is considered to be one of the more difficult of the 10 Alta Vias in the Italian Dolomites involving some longer via ferrata sections. 

A Map of the Alta Via Routes, 1 -6, in the Italian Dolomites