Alta Via 5 / About

The Alta Via 5 is one of 10 Alta Via’s in the Italian Dolomites.  It is also called the Alta Via di Tiziano, The Way of Tiziano Vecellio, the  famous Renaissance painter, who was born in the town of Pieve di Cadore where the Alta Via 5 ends.  The route is one of the more difficult Alta Via routes in the Dolomites as it involves longer via ferrata sections of cables on steep rock and it often remote. It is especially remote on the north side of the Marmrole massif where it is necessary to use 2 of the rustic shelters called Bivacco.  The route crosses a mixture of forested valley, alpines meadows and rocky mountains with many exposed sections. On some of the more exposed  rocky stretches the route is protected by wire cables and metal ladders which you can clip onto.

In total the route is  90 km and takes 7 days to complete. It starts at Sesto in the Pusteria Valley and heads south ending in Pieve di Cadore. I hope to walk it from 1th September to 7th September.

The route passes through the Dolomiti Sesto including Toni and the Popera massif, and then crosses the large Oten Valley to weave along the Marmarole massif, finally finishing on the Antelao massif. 

The route is considered to be one of the more difficult of the 10 Alta Vias in the Italian Dolomites involving some longer via ferrata sections. 

A Map of the Alta Via Routes, 1 -6, in the Italian Dolomites