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The traverse of the Fagaras mountains can be done  east to west or vice versa. East to west means the rucksack is slightly lighter at the tricker scrambling sections on Day 6 and 7.  It starts at Plaiul Foii lodge and then climbs up onto the main spine of the range getting to around 2000m on the first day. It then stays there for the next 6 days before descending to the village of Turnu Rosu on Day 8.

The best town to start from is Brasov. From here make your way to Zarnesti and then up the gravel road for 11 km to Plainul Foii lodge. A taxi is probably the easiest option and it takes an hour from Brasov.  At the other end is the village of Turnu Rosu. There is no accomodation or taxi here. There is a semi-derelict train halt where 10 trains a day to Sibiu stop on request for the 30 minute journey.  Both Brasov and Sibiu are 1000 year old medieval Saxon towns and well worth spending a day in at the start and end respectively.

There is very erratic accomodation along the walk. There are some crowded or dirty refuges en route, but a few have been destroyed by avalanche or weather and their use is unreliable. There are lodges situated below the ridge, mostly on the north side, but apart from the one at Prodagu and Balea lakes they are a long way down and the re-ascent is prohibitive.  So a tent is the best option. 

34. Caltun Lake with the rustic and old Caltun Refuge beside it. This is the campspot after Day 6.

Likewise with food there is very little en route unless you descend to Prodragu or Balea to restock.  So it’s best to take 8 days of food. Obviously this has to be mainly freeze dried. There are plenty of springs just below the ridge

The best time to do this trek is in the high summer months of Late June to early September,  In early June snow will linger at some of the sections. 

There is a 1:60,000 map published by Dimap covering the entire range. This map is called Muntil Fagarasului and it’s ISBN is 9789632025148. 

There is also a great booklet  and map 1:75,000 combo by Bel Alpin called The Fagaras Mountains. ISBN 9789739871693.