Hardangervidda Ski 2023 / About

This will be a cross country ski trip across Hardangervidda from Haukeliseter to Finse. It is about 125 km and it should take 6-7 days.

01. The start of the trip is the beautiful and historic Haukeliseter

I hope to start the trip on the 8th march 2023.

It will be the 6th time I have made this trip but unlike all the others, this time I intend to exclusively camp and not use the tempting mountain cabins at all.

02. Fantastic weather on a previous trip between Haukeliseter and Hellevassbu cabin

The reason for this is that it is essentially a training trip for a longer trip to Sarek in late march/early April which will involve 12-14 days of pure camping as there are no cabins in that remote area. This trip across Hardangervidda is to test myself, food and equipment for the longer expedition later in the spring.

I will be taking heavier, more robust equipment and I will not be able to take all of it inn a rucksack therefore I will be dragging a  pulk or  sledge with everything in it.

04. Nearly a full storm at Sandhaug on Hardangervidda. On this previous trip I could shelter in the cabin but on this trip in 2023 I hope to camp throughout

The route I will be taking is similar to the one I did in 2013 when I used huts. There is a description and map with that route here

I will write the blog and post pictures when I can after 8th March