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The Great Himalaya Trail was a trail devised by Robin Boustead. Initially the concept was to go from Bhutan to the Hindu Kush along the great arc of the Himalayas keeping as high as possible. However it is still impractical to consider anything but Nepal due to regulations, and even that is testing.

Since the original concept by Robin the name Great Himalaya Trail has been hijacked and is used to describe any number of trails in Nepal. However there is only one Great Himalaya Trail and that is the high level one. There is also a 100 day low level trail which run East to West across Nepal for 100 days and this is called the Lower or Cultural Great Himalaya Trail. I did it in 2012-2014 over 3 winter sections and there are PDF’s of the route on this website.


The High Great Himalaya Trail is almost a set route but as roads creep into the mountains and access is easier it is flexible.  For my intended route I have taken Robin Boustead’s original route and embellished it in Mustang, Mugu and Humla districts to include areas I have trekked in before like the Takya Khola Valley and Limi Valley. A rough map of my intended route is here. It is possible to scroll the map to zoom in. The route goes over 4 passes around 6000 meters, and some 30 passes over 5000 meters.


During this trip I will be raising money for a two worthwhile causes:

  • One is making life better for for animals in Nepal, especially street dogs, by providing veterinary care and training. These services are provided by two charities, the established Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART) and burgeoning The One Health Foundation.
  • The other a established maritime conservation organization in Kenya which has featured on BBC programmes and is making a real difference. It is called Local Ocean Conservation. 




Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART) is a veterinary charity set up Himalayan Animal Treatment Centre  (HAT UK) (Charity No. 1115822) to alleviate suffering and improve the well-being of  animals in Nepal, especially street dogs. It has a number of programmes including neutering clinics,  rescue and treatment of unfortunate animals, and rabies vaccinations.  It has a comprehensive website  with all their activities and donations can be made directly from that website.  I have also set up a donations page to raise money for their programmes in Nepal through their UK arm, HAT (UK).

The One Health Foundation (Charity No. SC048498.) is a charity organizing Veterinary care and training in Nepal sometimes in conjunction with HART.  They have a website.  




Local Ocean Conservation (LOC) is based in Watamu, Kenya. It is a non-profit organisation that champions the protection of Kenya’s coastline and in particular the preservation of marine habitats for turtles, which are an indicator species for local ocean health.  LOC has a website and  Facebook Page and was also featured on Sir David Attenborough’s Africa Episode 6. The Future, minutes 33-38. (UK Viewers only).  Donations can be made directly from their website, which has options to donate or adopt a turtle, or from a donations page I have set up to fundraise for them