Rila Mountains / About

The Rila Mountains are the highest mountains in Bulgaria and lie just to the south of Sofia. There is a traverse which starts in Borovets and goes straight up the highest mountain Mount Musala on the first day. Thereafter it goes to Grancher Hut, Rila Monastery, Ivan Vazoz Hut before heading down to Govedartsi on the 5th and last day.

The Rila Mountains Traverse in Bulgaria is about 100km

Some of the days are quite long with a lot of ascent and descent. In all it is about 90 km and 5000 metres of ascent overt the entire 5 days. Some of the highlights include the Rila Monastery, where it is possible to stay, and the 7 Rila Lakes.

001. The Seven Lakes are one of the highlights of the Rila Mountains and are in the western half of the range