Norway & Sweden Scandinavian Mountains over 2000m. 2002-05

This was a project to climb all the 2000 metre mountains in Scandinavia. There are 130 in Norway and a further 7 in Sweden.  I climbed the first one (Storronden) in April 2002 and the last in August 2005 (Galdeberget). About 20% of these mountains can be done in the winter on ski to the top or near the top. 50% are a walk in the summer and the other 30% involve crossing glaciers, scrambling or climbing to reach the summit.  Once I had finished all these 137 mountains over 2000m I built a comprehensive website with them all which has yet to be completed and published a book on one of these mountain areas called Hurrungane.


I  wrote a guide book on one of the mountain areas with 14 of the  2000m mountains .

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There is also a website  dedicated to the project to climb all the 2000 metre mountains in Scandinavia

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