Shetland Kayak / About

In  June 2021 I hope to paddle round the Shetland Islands, an enchanting Archipelago of some 100 islands some 200 km off the north coast of Scotland.  The seas round theses islands have an infamous reputation with large waves and strong  tides. While I normally ignore tides in other Scottish Island trips, in Shetland (and Orkney especially) they form a major part of the planning.

I plan to start at Sumburgh and then go either clockwise or anti clockwise depending on the forcast for the next 2 weeks and follow a path roughly as depicted above. My aim is the circumnavigate the entire archipeligo, which is a tall order given it’s pelagic location and inhospitable coastines.

I will use my well tested Kayak which has seen me through thick and thin. While not that fast and sexy it is a solid stable kayak and can easily carry everything I need for a 3 week trip.

Of course Shetland is not just sea spray, ocean swells and tidal rips. It has some of the most interesting history, nicest people and richest marine and birdlife on the planet and I hope this will enrich my trip.